Enjoyable Activities to keep your child engaged at home

Is SmartoKids Subscription Plan good for your child?

  • Yes, if you want to keep your child engaged at home

  • Yes, if you want expert recommendations for better brain development of your child

  • Yes, if you want creative learning tools for your child

  • Yes, if you want to reduce unused toys dumped in your home

How SmartoKids Subscription Plan Works?

  • Sign up for one of the subscription plans
  • Based on the plan, a physical box with 5 to 9 activities, and 2 to 3 fresh stories, will be couriered to your home every month
  • Each box will have exciting activities catering to different areas of child development based on the age of the child. Focus will be on nature, animals, birds, plants, moral values, human relations, etc.
  • Fun based engrossing activities will replace TV/Smartphone and keep your child occupied for a long time
  • Every few days you will receive bundles of interesting activities, stories & expert recommendations in digital format also sent to your whatsapp & email inbox
  • From time to time, we collect important data points from you through very short questionnaires, and each subsequent activity/story/recommendation that you receive is highly customized as per the needs of your child. We strongly believe that EVERY child is SPECIAL, and there is no place for “One size fits all” philosophy at SmartoKids. Highly customized activities as per your child’s development pace is the core focus of our subscription plans.


Here is What Parents Say About SmartoKids

The most amazing thing about Smartokids is the number of items that they include in a box. It is genuinely “True value for money” unlike anything available in the market. Wouldn’t mind paying a higher price for the quality and unique content that they offer.

Rajni Koradiya

With the first box itself, my son enjoyed every game and every activity. He was so glued to the activities that he never even thought about TV or Youtube for days together. I am so happy with Smartokids and would encourage eveyr parent to get it for their child. It’s a true blessing.

Neela Rajde

My 4 years son Krishiv is a huge fan of SmartoKids activities. Even though he has already finished all activities once, he keeps repeating the reusable activities at least 3 to 4 times every week. I haven’t come across any other toy or game which has kept him so engrossed. Full marks to Smartokids and their creator team.

Rajan Saini

Let Your Child Create, Explore, Play and Read with SmartoKids

SmartoKids is India’s leading enterprise in early child development space with numerous products & services catering to children up to 8 years of age. 90% of a child’s brain development happens within the first few years of life. This is the phase of life where parenting is of utmost importance and has a long lasting impact on the life of a child. Our multiple activity boxes help parents in providing a fun learning environment for kids in indoor as well as outdoor settings. Our activity boxes help parents to keep their child better engaged at home away from smartphone and TV. This is the perfect gift for boys and girls aged 4 to 6 years whom you would like to play and learn at the same time.

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Your Questions Answered (FAQ)

You will receive an email once you place the order. You will receive one box per month based on the subscription you choose. Your first box will reach you within 10 business days of creating your order.

Each activity box will be packed with 7-11 play-based activities along with easy-to-understand instruction sheets. It will include 7 activities, 30 worksheets, 1 Story book and multiple stories, 1 Engagement Tracker for Parents to assess their child’s inclination towards various activities, and 1 Skill Development Tracker to track and assess their child’s developmental milestones. Every month, your child will receive a different set of activities.

Every SmartoKids Activity Box comes with an easy-to-understand instruction sheet which is more like a user manual. You will have all the required items packed in separate sets for each activity. It is advised that when the box arrives at your home, you should give the activities one by one to your child. If you let the child play with all activities at a time, he or she may quickly lose interest and want to just play with the most interesting one. The child may start ignoring rest of the activities. Giving access to activities one by one ensures that the excitement and interest remains maintained for each activity.

If you’re a busy parent, you can play the activities along with your child during weekends. And if you plan it as one activity per week, your involvement will be less than 30 minutes per week where you guide your child initially — and your child can then engage with the activities independently!

You can do this by taking a 1 month subscription, try the first box, and if your child is not engaging with the box (which is quite rare!), you can cancel your subscription by sending an email to us within 10 days of delivery and we’ll refund the amount back to you!

If at all you feel that SmartoKids isn’t working out for your child, no worries! Just send us an email and we’ll cancel your subscription and promptly refund the amount for the remaining boxes in your subscription back to your bank account!

Absolutely! Unless the box has already been shipped, we can change your delivery address during your subscription! Just shoot us an email and we’ll promptly ship the box to your new address.

SmartoKids is available for 3 different age groups and all the activities are age-appropriate. They are: 2-3 years, 3-4 years and 4-6 years

Oh yes! Shipping is absolutely free! You don’t have to pay any additional cost and we ship all across India.

Yes, cash on delivery option is available for certain pin-codes across India. Currently we accept payment via all valid credit cards, debit cards, net banking and Paytm.

All our activities are age-specific. We test the engagement of our activities with many children from the same age group. So choose according to your child’s age. In case during the subscription, you feel it’s too easy, you can upgrade to a higher age group; if it is too difficult, you can downgrade to a lower age group.

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