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Play-based Activity Boxes for Your Child

SmartoKids is an award winning subscription plan for children aged 2-6 years delivered to your doorstep and email-inbox every month.
Each month our subscriber parents receive play-based activity boxes, engaging storybooks, unique activity bundles and expert recommendations that ignite early child development with a keen focus on cultural foundation of your child.
These research-based plans and products are prepared by child development experts, behavioral scientists, child psychologists & cultural researchers, and cater to 18 developmental areas of a child. Our ultimate goal is the development of an integrated personality of children that enables them to navigate all types of situations in their later life.

How 2-3 year olds will benefit

Your child will receive play-based activities that will engage him/her for days. These fun games & creative stories ignite early brain development, and initiation of good habits formation at an early age. Easy explorative concepts help in overall brain development of your child. Activities, stories & expert recommendations in this plan are suitable for 1.5 to 3.5 year old toddlers

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How 3-4 year olds will benefit

SmartoKids provides unique games & engrossing activities for your kids to engage in. Expert Recommendations from SmartoKids helps to improve the focus & attention span of your child at an early age which contributes to overall skill development. Instead of involving in destructive activities and creating tantrums, your child remains hooked to the activity box for long hours. The activities, stories & expert recommendations in this plan are suitable for 2.5 to 4.5 year old pre-schoolers

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How 4-6 year olds will benefit

Innovative learning tools provided by SmartoKids lay the foundation of creative thinking in your child. Fresh stories & world-class expert recommendations help in reducing TV/Smartphone addiction, and keep the child occupied in knowledge based fun activities at home. Improves the emotional & cultural quotient of your child and leads to the formation of right moral values at the right age. Activities, stories & expert recommendations in this plan are suitable for children aged 3.5 to 7 years.

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Awesome Customer Reviews

Thank you so much SmartoBox team, you have helped to inculcate awesome new skills in my daughter. She keeps asking for new SmartoKids activities every month. Very happy!!

Reema Bhatt

This is my son’s first activity box. We give him one activity at a time. The whole day is spent eagerly waiting for doing the SmartoKids activity in the evening. It works like magic for him. Highly recommended.

Nilesh Mehta

Kesari, Veera and all the stories are super fun for my daughter & her friends. While coming back from her school, they repeat the SmartoKids stories in the van. EVERYDAY. In fact, inspired from SmartoKids, she has started creating new stories with Kesari and Veera being the central characters. Never expected such a change from just a simple activity box. Thank You.

Dhruv Desai

“Let’s be Healthy” has been the best activity that has happened to my son. It has been a positive experiment for installing new habits. Super work from SmartoKids Team.

Dipti Patel

The box was a big hit at home. Not only with my 4 year old daughter, but for the whole family. We got to spend some quality time together while doing the SmartoKids activities.

Medha Shah

My son loved the Magical Pen. It was an instant hit and has been showing it off to his friends as well as anyone who has been to our home. I salute the SmartoKids Team for coming up with such unique and innovative activities. Kudos!!

Swati Mistry